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Web links of Interest:


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Our links

Some of our favorite links include the following, if you know of a link we should consider or would like to exchange links, contact us. Enjoy our links:

We're Listed On The New York Business List

Yes, our marketing and p.r. services are listed. Aurora Communications is a woman owned and minority certified business founded in 1988. We produce concerts, special events, media relations, e-blasts, jingles, musical arrangements, and media tours and bookings. We also provide packaged information such as bios, releases, press kits, and electronic branding such as EPKs, websites, etc.


www.salsa.it : One of Italy's most important resource for Salsa
Read Roberto Rabbi's review of Zon del Barrio's CD: Cortijo's Tribe here: (http://www.salsa.it/recensioni.aspx)

Salsa Creations - A website dedicated to bring you new and classic Salsa sounds, video and more.

Salsa Talks - Mary Kent's photojournalized accounts of many salsa greats.

http://www.rmpromotions.net "New York's BEST for Latin Entertainment: 'Let Us Organize Your Next Event'

Puerto Ricans.com - Offers a combination of topics and happenings.

The Bomba Dance Workshop

The all-female music and dance ensemble: Retumba

Izzy "Mr. Salsa" Sanabria's online Salsa website.

Seasoned timbalero and Spanish Harlem Orchestra's Chino Nunez.

El Rey del Cuatro Yomo Toro.

Mr. Richie Bonilla

El Maestro Larry Harlow.

The One and Only Mr. Eddie Palmieri.

Well Fare Poets

http://dannysworld.typepad.com: For information on a great musician and trombone player

http://www.jazzmotel.blogspot.com/ Another site for information on Latin music, jazz, etc.

More links will be added so check back often. - Wepa!

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Zon del Barrio

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