Aurora y Zon del Barrio bring plena, bomba & Cortijo's salsa to Francia
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Charles DeGaulle Airport, Paris where we took the next plane to Toulouse.
Then we boarded the bus & met our Canadien guide Dave who rode w/us the 2 hours to the little town of VIC
Town of Vic
Our chateau where we stayed that weekend.
David unpacking.
John Berdeguer's room
The bull ring (Plaza de Toro) was turned into a music stadium that night. But right before the sun fell, we had our soundcheck.
This photo appeaared on the Radio France website where the concerts were broadcast live.
The biggest surprise was when David got up from the keyboards to play timbales
The crowd went wild with Dave
The Tempo Latino crowd roaring.
¡Otra! ¡Otra! ¡Otra!
The promoters congratulating us after the public called us back for THREE encores. Richie Bonilla, (far left) who took us there, looks on proudly.
David Fernandez, Bobby Valentin, Aurora, Eric Duffau (Pres. Tempo Latino) and Papote backstage after both shows.
Zon del Barrio and Bobby Valentin's band.
The local color at the Festival
Staff & Musician mess hall
Didn't know you could do so much with paper cups.
Querian bailar
Final farewells before boarding the bus back to Toulouse. David knew Alberto from Bobby's band from his days w/Jibaro Jazz in P.R.
We played plenas on the bus to keep the driver up
Until we reached the airport in Toulouse, where even kings konk out.

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